Frequently Asked


How many followers should I expect to gain every day?

There are many factors to this. From size and age of account to content and engagement. However, an average would be from 20-100 followers a day.

What type of activity will SociallyRich generate for me?

Likes, Following, and Unfollowing. However, if you wish to remove one of these you can do so by emailing us.

How is the activity targeted?

SociallyRich encourages you to research the hashtags you wish to target and usernames of accounts you want to target. Your quality of followers will highly rely on the types of hashtags and usernames you provide us with.

Will SociallyRich unfollow people I am currently following?

No, we create what we call The Safelist. The Safelist is a list of the people you were following at the moment of signing up. That way we make sure to never unfollow those people.

What if I follow someone while the service is running? Will you unfollow them?

In that case you will have a private link where you can add the username and it will automatically add that username to The Safelist.

How much will I pay for SociallyRich?

Our service starts at $99.99 a month. However, you can cancel at any time by our live chat.

Do I have a dashboard to interact with?

No, that’s what makes us that much better than our competitors! Instead of having to constantly update your account, you just provide us with the hashtags and usernames and we take care of the rest. Making sure your account runs flawlessly.

How many hashtags and usernames do I need to provide to SociallyRich?

With the Done For You plan we take care of it. With the Self Research plan anything less than 25 hashtags and 25 usernames should do the trick 🙂

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